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What is the difference between Superelastic and Shape Memory alloys?  How do I know which one to order online?

  • Superelastic – material with the ability to elastically recover to its original shape after being deformed at room temperature.  This class of alloys is the most commonly used Nitinol (e.g. stents, guidewires, antenna wire) and contains nominally 50.6 to 51.0 atomic percent Nickel with a transformation temperature Af < 25C°
  • Shape-Memory – material that is pliable at room temperature but then recovers its original shape upon heating.  This class of alloys is most commonly used in actuator applications and contains nominally 49.5 to 50.0 atomic percent Nickel with a transformation temperature Af 30°C - 90°C

What is the difference between wire in straight and as-drawn condition?

  • Straight – material that has been straightened from its original as-drawn condition.  This is the most commonly used condition.
  • As-Drawn – material has not yet undergone a superelastic thermal aging treatment.  This material has a noticeable helix from the drawing process and is commonly selected when the end user plans to perform their own straightened or heat forming operations.

What are the differences in surface finishes?

  • Oxide – the native oxide from the drawing operations is left remaining on this product.  This oxide provides a lower frictional resistance (e.g. enhanced lubricity) with colors ranging from light yellow to black.
  • Mechanical Polish – surface exhibits a bright, metallic appearance from mechanical grinding, buffing and/or polishing operation.
  • Roughened – this product has been roughened by an abrasive media-blasting operation. Roughened surfaces are particularly useful for improved bond strength of polymer coatings or adhesive coating for joining Nitinol to a second material.
  • Chemical Pickled – Oxide has been removed from the surface via a chemical acid pickling operation.  Chemically pickled surfaces exhibit a dull, textured appearance.

How do I know if the material on-line is SE 506, SE 508 or SE510?

  • We do not differentiate which alloy for on-line material.                

How fast can I get my order?

  • Typical turnaround time from order placement to shipment is 1-2 business days.

Can I get a Cert for my order?

  • Yes.  We are in the process of modifying our shop to include the option to order Certificates of Conformance.  The cost is $250.00 per part number to be certed.  If you do not see the option listed, please contact and we can assist you directly.

What is the Af temp of X on your on-line store?  I don’t need a formal cert, can you just let me know verbally what it is?

Can I get an invoice for my order?

We are resale tax exempt.  Can I get a refund for that portion on my online order?

  • If you want to place an order that is tax exempt, please contact   You will need to provide us with a copy of your tax certificate, billing/shipping info., and credit card info. and we can place the order for you.  

Can I get samples? 

  • Due to the large amount of sample requests that we receive, our shop does not provide sample quantities free of charge.  

Can I order less than what is on-line? We’re just at the prototyping stage and the minimum noted quantity online is more than what we need.

  • The minimum quantities listed are the smallest amounts you can order.

I’m looking for some material with a specific dimension, and I don’t see it in your shop.  What should I do?

  • If you do not find the dimensions you are looking for, we do not currently have in stock.  Unfortunately, we cannot predict when stock will be available.  The order would be a custom order.  Please contact our sales department at and we would be happy to prepare a quote for you.

Can I get a tracking number for my order?

  •  Once your order ships, a notification will be sent to you that will include the tracking number.

If I place an order on-line, can I pick it up at your facility?

  • Yes – if you specify “Customer Pick Up (Confluent Headquarters: Fremont)” on your order, we will contact you when your order is ready for pick-up. Your shipping address must be in the state of California for this option to appear.

Can I pay with a different method than credit card?

  • Our shop is currently only set up for payment by credit card.

Is the material shipped in 1 foot lengths?

  • Wire and strip orders will be fulfilled with continuous lengths of material.  Tubing typically comes in 1-6 ft lengths depending on the size of the tubes.  Sheet orders will be fulfilled with the maximum sheet lengths possible with a 1 foot minimum continuous length.

I’m having problems placing an order on-line:

  • Cannot delete product from cart:
    • Check the “cookies” setting on your computer and set to the opposite setting.  This has been effective in solving this issue.
  • When I try to put product in the cart, I get an error message:
    • This usually means you are trying to order more than what is in stock.  Keep reducing your order amount until the system accepts.
  • My credit card is not going through:
    • Make sure that the billing name and address is exactly what is on the account.
    • For larger orders you may have to first contact your bank to authorize the amount.
  • I do not see my country listed in the drop-down menu.
    • If your country is not listed, you would have to order from us directly, so we can review your company location.  Minimum order for in-stock material is $1,500 and for custom orders the minimum is $2,500.  Please contact if you would like additional information.       

I ordered the wrong product.  Can I return for credit?

  • All sales are final with no returns or refunds accepted.  Exchanges will be accepted within 30 days of shipment only if products are damaged upon arrival or if they fail to meet the product description.  For a complete version of our return policy, click here.